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Your hinged lid box can have the lid fully or partially telescope the base.  The lid wrap paper covers the back of the box, creating the hinge.  The hinge is reinforced with tape, which can be covered with a paper wrap. A shoulder box can have a varied look.  The set-up base and set-up lid are often the same depth, with the shoulder tray height extending at least a half inch above the base.  You may choose to create a different look by extending the shoulder the full height, or creating the lid to be deeper than the base.  Because your box is custom designed, we can create a functional solution for your application.

Many variations of these styles are also available.  Book boxes, cigar style boxes, matchbook style boxes are just a few of the options available.

Below are featured examples of our hinged lid & shoulder set-up boxes
Click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image and description.

Hinged Lid Box Hinged Shoulder with Insert Hinged Shoulder with Insert and Foam Pad Hinged Shoulder with Insert Hinged Shoulder with Insert Assorted Matter Box with Black and Silver
Hingled Lid Box Pink Shoulder Box Emboss Shoulder Box Book style Box Magnet book box Hinge Box
Tightwrapped inside and outside with stock red paper with 1 color gold foil stamp on lid. Insert is diecut PE foam with a satin fabric wrap. Hinge Lid Shoulder box and 2 piece shoulder box. Hinge lid box Hinge lid box Shoulder box with diecut foam insert Shoulder box  & sleeve
Hinge lid box Magnet Binder Magnet Binder Hinge Shoulder Flocked Book Binder Black Binder

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